September 24, 2013

Random Data tool

I was originally going to write about a API testing heuristic that I stumbled upon recently for this weeks blog series, but I'm not planning on doing any APi testing this week.  So instead I'm going to write about a new tool/website that I recently discovered for generating random data of various types. TestSpicer provides a set of  post/get api calls that will generate "Random" data for you.  Need users name for a test account? Call the name endpoint. Need an image? There's a call for that.  In Fact there are currently 19 different end points, many I won't use, but this week, I'll try a few and see if it helps me find some a bug by creating an account that I wouldn't.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jason,

    Thank you for writing about TestSpicer. Right now TestSpicer is an interesting experiment and I am trying to gauge if people will find it useful or not.

    It's good to know that you found the concept useful. I am aware of the limitations you mentioned in the wrap-up and if enough people find it useful - we will cover them.

    BTW, just curious - did you use manually or did you use this tool as part of your automated tests?

    BTW, we have just included a fake SMTP server with the TestSpicer to make automated testing of emails easier. I am trying breadth first approach - will touch upon few interesting things and then will go deep to cover one data-point at a time.

    Feel free to reach out if you have any comments / feedback. Thanks, Anand.