August 30, 2013

Pressing post before reading

Yesterdays post had some shout outs to two people that influenced me during CAST 2013, but I didn't provide and links to them. Oppps, my bad.

Paul Holland can be found on twitter @PaulHolland_TWN and is a really cool guy to follow, he always had important things to say, and will tell you when you're wrong. He's not always very PC, but following him is worth it.

Aaron Hodder can be found on twitter @AWGHodder. I haven't followed him for very long, but his session on using mind maps as a test reporting tool was great. It's a great use of a visual representation for the coverage of your testing that give true insight into your testing. I'll be trying to do this in the future and I'll share my experience here.

This is turning into a bit of a follow friday, so here's a few more of my influencers from the past week.

@aclairefication is a great tester and blogger who works and writes about being a context driven tester in agile teams.

@mattbarcomb is a process guru. While he's not a tester, he's well versed in process. When you're looking to figure out what's wrong with your process or why your process is the way it is, he's the guy to ask.

@PeteWalen introduced me to lean coffee. What can I say, it had an impact.

Who influences you?

August 28, 2013

CAST 2013

I'm  sitting here in the airport starting to wind down from a week confering, discussing and learning. I took in alot this week, and this blog will be my journey of how I integrate these learnings  into my life both professionally and personally. From Product Coverage Outlines (PCOs, athanks Paul Holland), and mind maps as a test reporting tool (thanks arron) to  how do we communicate with our local communites of testers and others involved in the process of software there were many learnings. Some will be harder for me, some are tweaks to what I already do.

I plan to use these new skills, these are my highs and lows. Feedback is more than encouraged, because it is through the  community that we as indiviuals grow.