September 27, 2013

Random Data Tool: Wrap up

A week of using a random data tool has not shown the amazing benefit I hoped it would.  This might have to do with the tool that I choose to use, and might have been that I wasn't really using the tool the way it was designed.

I prefer to use self-validating data as often as I can, and thus random data isn't always useful. When it was useful, I used it, but ran into a few blocks. The service that I was using didn't provide all the types that I was  wanting (valid US phone numbers, multiple formats),  or didn't provide enough variation to suit me for the data types it did have (Like name, only used normal english names)  I was hoping that this tool would help drive me into some of the corners of the data set, but all it really did was keep me in the center of the path with different values that didn't diverge far from the norm.

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