September 18, 2013

RIMGEA: Mid week

This one has been a little easier to do. I'm not trying to use it outside of its scope, and that has helped. Additionally, I know that a well written bug report helps the developers find and fix the bug, but sometimes I really don't need as much information on a bug as RIMGEA would have me provide.  Nor I do not have the time to do all of RIMGEA for the six bugs that I need to file before I leave work for the day. That said, having a note on my desk reminding me to use it has increased the quality of the bug report, just not all the way.

One change that I didn't expect was the change in how I've been verifying bug fixes. Many of these bugs come on from external sources or non testers. Many get to the developers before a testers has had a look at them. Thus when they do get to me, they rarely have replication steps let alone any of the other items outlined by RIMGEA. Filling in a very quick RIMGEA has increased the depth at which I verify these bug fixes to almost a full exploratory testing session. Making the bug fix verifications more through. It's caught a minor issue that I might not have caught otherwise.

So Far So Good with this Heuristic.  More on Friday!

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