September 1, 2013

My Plan

Ok, I've heard the biggest problem people have with writing and blogging is not finding a topic to write about but more precisely they run out of things to write about because they their topic is either too broad and they hit writers block or their topic is too narrow and they exhaust it.   I've heard that the best solution to this is to find a topic to write about that you are passionate about and to have a plan.

Well since you are reading this, you can tell my subject matter. I'm obviously here to talk about software testing,  but it's more than that.  I'm going to do a three part explore of my subject matter.  My regular blog pattern will be a Monday/Wednesday/Friday pattern of experience reports. On mondays I'll lay out the new technique  that I'm going to be exploring that week. On Wednesdays the blog will be shorter, as it will be a progress report on how it's going so far.  Fridays will recap the week and explore what I liked about the new technique, what problems I had and solutions if I found them.

 If you'd like to join me on my journey, I'll try to announce the topic for the next week on the Saturday or Sunday so that you have time to do some reading.  This weeks topic will be Product Coverage Outlines.

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  1. Cool, happy to join in and follow along

  2. I love the name "Prairie Tester", I'm kinda out on the prairie here too. Looking forward to your posts!

  3. It's a riff on to Rachel Carson's twitter handle

  4. I am gonna follow the learnings here, what u posted.