September 4, 2013

PCOs, two days in.....

Well not really two days in. It's a short week here in Canada with Monday being a holiday, but I did review some of the reading that I said I would read before starting on this weeks subject. It gave me good insights into what I would be trying to add to my existing processes.

So far the exercise has lead to some interesting insights into the product that I work with, and it certainly will inform my testing and test planning. I have noted however that as I usually work mostly on features and feature integration, a lot of this felt  like extra effort. I'm sure it's not, but time will inform that.

Additionally, as I don't often use the SFDIPOT heuristic, it felt clumsy. I can see that with practice it will become a very useful tool to help my thought process, but I spent too much time trying to figure out what went under each of the headings.

Come on by again on friday for my summary of using PCOs for an entire week.

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