June 15, 2016

Saskatoon Testing Discussion Group: End of Season 4

It's been 4 amazing years since I started the Saskatoon Testing Discussion Group. I'd tried to start a local interest group a few times before, but didn't have the reach or support needed to be successful. I'd like to thank Vendasta for being a amazing sponsor for the group. They have provided food, drink and space for the meeting for the past four years.

The group has changed a bit over the four years, and some of the sessions were better than others. I think that this latest season has been the best so far. To that end I need to thank the members of the management team that stepped up this year to help me plan and arrange the events. It has made the topics more widely applicable to more of the people in Saskatoon doing test (even on testers doing the role).

We've tried to record and live stream most of our events so that people that can't attend have a way of catching up or attending remotely. We've struggled with the technology for this over the four seasons but it seems to be coming together better lately.

With the end of our latest season drawing near, I wanted to take the time to say thank you to those that come out, those that help and those that have bitten the bullet and spoken at the gatherings.  The other thing that I want to do is promote our last session of the season. We have James Bach of Satisfice Inc giving a remote presentation to the group about the layers of testing and how they are all involved in every test. I'm very excited have have James speak to the group. I've heard him talk at more than a few conferences, and he is an excellent presenter that always challenges me to be better at my job.  If you want to check him out before the talk, many of talks are on youtube, and is blog can be found here.

Come on out to hear him speak on June 29th at 12:15 (lunch)  in the Vendasta Atrium. Pizza and pop provided, Please RSVP at Meetup.com

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