August 10, 2014

It's CAST time again

It's that time of year again, and I'm off gallivanting and visiting my favorite testing community at CAST. This year it is in New York at NYU and while the actual conference hasn't started yet, hanging around with this many other professional testers and people that like to think about test is inspiring, motivating and generally a great experience.

I came out early to attend TestRetreatNYC, a open space for test interested people to gather and talk out their testing questions and ideas in wonderful environment. Thanks to LiquidNet and Anna Royzman for letting us use their space, the amazing space certainly helped the discussions. Also thanks to Matt Heusser for organizing it, and Matt Barcomb to helping us run an open space.

 I was involved in great discussions on how to grow small testing teams, and testers communities. There were also discussions about the trends  in Automated Checking (some call it testing...) but I was at a session about the trials and tribulations of being a lone tester on an agile team.  My favorites sessions were about test leadership and the parallels between  attending an experiential drama performance and testing.

Like many of these event some of the best discussions happen not in the formal sessions but in the hallways, bars and hotel lobbys where we just throw around ideas and riff off each other. I have some new things to try out, and as before, good or bad, I'll share them here once I've tried.

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